Sunday, May 15, 2016

I Highly Recommend Downsizing

As written about in previous posts, I am moving soon and to a smaller apartment. Even so, with all the medical challenges I have, I am limited as to how much I can do on my own.

Son #1 lives 1200 miles away, so he is unable to help me; son #2 lives here, and helps when he can, but he has a job and his own projects; son #3 lives about 250 miles away - he and his wife came Friday and took away a couple of big items, two boxes of books, and some smalls, which really helped a lot.

Son #2 told me to pack the boxes, but do not move them - he will move them when he is here. Yesterday, he took the boxes out of the kitchen and put them closer to where they will be put on the van from. He also brought some items close to my work space to make it easier for me to handle. I am so thankful for any help he gives me, especially since he is tall and very strong.

Another friend took away some furniture and a lot of tea making more room. 

There is still some furniture to sell and donations to make, but it is coming along. It has to; I only have 12 more days to get ready. My goal is still two boxes a day, so I am happy for any help I get.

A woman I met in a class about 14 years ago volunteered to give me some time. I accepted, and I am very glad I did. I prepped nine boxes a few days ago, and we filled them in about an hour. She did all the climbing and handing me items. She is giving me several more hours before the move, something I am incredibly grateful for. And I got rid of a few boxes of fabric!

Another friend is a librarian here, and I donated 11 or 12 boxes of books to the library - some will go into the children's area, some will go in the adult section, some have already been sold from a special fundraising corner of the library, and the rest will be sold at the semi-annual book sale.

Since I am unable to work, I no longer have use of my college textbooks. Those I donated to the local community college for students' research purposes. I have already put together one bag of clothes to donate, but I have more to go through. I am giving away small appliances that I either have not used or rarely used in the last 10 years.

I am beginning to think this move is the best thing that could have happened to me. Like the tiny house movement, I am having to decide what is important for me to keep, and what is not. And some of what I am keeping is for me, not necessarily what is useful, but for my enjoyment. 

And that is important. And that is why I highly recommend downsizing - even if it is only downsizing the contents of your abode.