Friday, April 15, 2016

My Body Has Betrayed Me!

Do you ever feel that way? It just seems like one thing and/or another is always bothering you? 

I feel that way often. I think I am too young to have my body acting the way it is, but then I think of people a lot younger than I am that are going through the same things, or worse. 

A few days ago, I was diagnosed with the start of a cataract in my left eye and was told the one in my right eye has gotten bigger. 

I am dealing with a lot of "ghosting" with printing. If you are not familiar with this effect, it is like when making a 3-D image of a box. It is not enough to be debilitating - yet - but it is annoying. 

I would credit the source, but I cannot read the fine print at the top left.
Thankfully, mine is not as bad as in this picture, but it only started a few months ago, so who knows what will happen as the cataracts grow. And, yes, I had to get a new prescription.

New glasses and new short haircut