Friday, April 22, 2016

Moving with Fibromyalgia (and ADHD)

When I moved out of my house almost six years ago, I moved 60 boxes of books with me. Now, to be fair, they were small boxes so I could lift them myself. Many were wine boxes obtained from the local liquor store. A couple of years later, I moved again and brought about 40 boxes with me - I donated a lot to a local thrift store that raised money for the ASPCA. 

After unpacking here, I still had quite a few boxes that I did not have room to unpack. A friend of mine is the children's librarian in town, so I called her - she took some, the adult section took some, and the rest were donated for the biennial book sale. I still had 10 boxes I did not unpack.

Well, I have to move again.  I am determined to move only six boxes of books with me, so that means going through all my boxes and my bookcases. 

I have a number of problems with my back, so I am limited to 10 pounds at a time. Books are heavy, so I only work through a small stack at a time. At this point, my muscles are yelling at me! For some reason, my quadriceps are very upset with me. Probably because I am near the bottom shelves of the bookcase. 

I have to take it very slow thanks to the fibromyalgia, but I really think having ADHD is helping me to not overdo it too much. I look at a book title that reminds me of something else, and I am off to the other thing. It often means getting online and looking something up. 

In my opinion, it is necessary to limit how many spoons are spent on the packing task each day, since there are other things that need spoons, too. (If you do not know what I mean, look up "Spoon Theory" online.) 

After two weeks, I actually have more than 11 boxes worth to donate, but I need to get more boxes for the loose ones. I also have a couple of piles of books I am not sure of - it depends on where I am with the six-box limit. 

I spoke to the local community college, and it is taking my textbooks for their library. Because I went through to a Master's degree, the college feels they will make good resources. I also have two brown paper bags of paper recycling, and I still have some more school papers to dispose of. Since I cannot work, there is no reason to hang onto them.

Three more shelves to go. I am so glad my next task is packing my yarn.