Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ADHD-Inspired Random Thoughts

  • Parenting is hard. About the time I thought I figured it out, my kids were adults. Hindsight is 20/20. 
  • My teeth have shifted. I have a bicuspid that is especially pointed. With the shifting, I keep biting my tongue with that sharp bicuspid, which swells, which causes me to bite it more.
  • Space between paragraphs makes reading blog posts easier.
  • If I am not sure about my spelling and grammar, I copy and paste into my Word program and review it. I find it catches most of my mistakes. Too many years of editing college papers makes it hard for me to write anything, including journal entries, without worrying, "Did I do it right?" (Including that last sentence, too.)
  • Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days are harder when you no longer have anyone living at home. They are for me, anyway. 
  • I, somehow, have ended up with two Google+ accounts and cannot figure out how to delete the one that I do not use. I get notifications from Google that I have missed Google+ postings from myself. It always seems strange when it happens.
  • How does medication "know" where it is supposed to go? The same pills that take away a headache will not take away a sinus headache. I have to take specific sinus medication for that. 
  • Oh! ADHD is all in my head, too. Silly me!
Source: clipartion.com