Friday, February 5, 2016

Strange Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia. What a strange chronic syndrome! No wonder it is a diagnosis of exclusion! There is just so much to it. Have you ever written down all your symptoms, all your miscellaneous conditions/illnesses, and wondered how could one person have so many things wrong? I have. It has been frustrating looking at the list and more frustrating when I have to add to it. This post contains symptoms I have, but also some others I will provide links for.

Runny Nose/Nosebleeds:

It is winter in the Northeastern United States, albeit a mild one. I am used to my minor winter nosebleeds and my chronic running allergy nose. This morning, however, when I blew my nose, it started bleeding profusely. It took 10 minutes, or so, to get it to stop.

Source: Osborne Head and Neck Institute
Hours later, it happened again just like this morning. I decided I would check to see if nosebleeds are a fibromyalgia symptom. They are! They and hemorrhoids (ugh!) are considered miscellaneous fibro symptoms.

Pronounced Nail Ridges:

I have had nail ridges for years! Many, many years. As in, my children were little when I overheard a doctor dictating his visit to me, and he said I was malnourished. In my research for this post, it sounds like my vertical nail ridges from back then are actually nothing to worry about. If they had been horizontal, that would have been something to worry about. The ridges are more pronounced and widespread since I was diagnosed with fibro. (On my own behalf, I will say that I ate a fabulously healthy diet for more than 15 years, and those ridges did not go away.)  

Night Driving Difficulty:

I never used to have a problem driving at night! I even had a job where I had to drive 45-60 minutes each way with few streetlights and no problems. I had a rural paper route during the night (papers available by 2 p.m. and had to be delivered by 6 a.m.) in the winter - it was a test of a new style, so it was a temporary, two-week job that lasted six weeks. Now, I dread driving at night. I am not sure if it is eye changes or anxiety issues, or both.

Tendency to Cry Easily:

Seriously? Maybe I have had fibro my whole life! I have always been hypersensitive and cry very easily. I was accused of crying to make someone feel guilty not too long ago; I was surprised to hear that, because I was crying due to a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Ringing in the Ears:

When I would go to school dances, my head ears would ring for hours afterwards. Many years later, they started ringing as a side effect of medication I was on. Fast forward another 10 years, and they started ringing constantly. Sometimes, I listen to music using my earbuds if the ringing is too loud at bedtime. (There is a ridiculous amount of noise in my head right now.)

Costochondritis - "an inflammation of the cartilage that connects your ribs to your breast bone." Please follow the link to read up on this one.

Low Body Temperature - I was surprised to find other people with fibro had LBT. Now, if the doctors would only understand that it is a serious issue.

Sensitivity to Odors - I am not the only one? Good to know.

Skin Problems - It is not bad enough that we have tender/trigger points, but we have to get rashes, dry skin, and mottled skin , too.

Reference sites:

That is all for today. Is there anything related to fibromyalgia you would like me to write about? Please comment below.