Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dating as a Disabled Person

This post is not written as a how-to for other people are disabled. I am seeking advice for myself. How does one go about dating while disabled? My last "boyfriend" was five years ago - we dated for six weeks. Since then, I had only two more dates, one of which was since I became disabled.
I am not from the town where I live, and I did not work in the typical way - I was the office manager in a two-person operation. I was also married then - not a good time to date.

From there, I went to college - too old for my fellow students, not able to date the professors for ethical reasons. I had barely graduated when I became (officially) disabled.

So, how does one find someone to date when too young for the retired crowd and too disabled to meet someone at work? When do you disclose that you are disabled? In the case of multiple health issues, how much do you disclose? 

Any advice would be appreciated. Please leave a comment below or email me at