Friday, December 11, 2015

6 Fibromyalgia Gift Idea Links

It is that time of year when our thoughts turn to gift giving and gifts we would like to receive. Several fibromyalgia bloggers have put together suggestions for friends and family members of people with fibro. The links are below.

2015 Fibromyalgia Gift Guide

- Among her suggestions is an OXO Good Grips Jar Opener - $9.95. If this one works as well as the one I bought about 15 years ago, it is a gift that I feel would be appreciated. I live alone, so there is no one to ask to open jars for me. If you do not live alone, there is not always someone else home when a jar needs opening. (Mine is from Pampered Chef - $12.00.)

9 Gift Ideas for #Spoonies

- One of her gift ideas is a Kindle. If I am home and not on my computer or crafting, I am on my Kindle. I think this is my fourth one, and it is a 7" Fire HD. I read books, check my email, check my social media accounts, watch Amazon videos and Netflix, go on Facebook, read magazines, listen to Pandora, check The Weather Channel, and play video games. 

There is a comparison of different Kindles about halfway down the linked page above. The 7" now starts at $49.99 - I wish mine had! 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Gift Ideas

- I wish this one had the vertical list the other sites have, but there are 11 slides to view. I do not agree with the way everything is listed because it looks like a suggestions, but it is really a "do not" do/buy list. There are still some good ideas here, though.

5 Holiday Gifts for Friends With Fibromyalgia 

- Again, a slideshow. This one includes ads which can be skipped after a few seconds. I liked the suggestions given, especially the coupon book.

Fibromyalgia Gifts

- This is an online shopping site, and I would be a happy camper with almost anything found here. It would show me that I am understood and supported if I received one of these items.

10 gifts for someone with chronic illness this year

- I included this one, even though the suggestions are more informational and tongue-in-cheek. It gives great insight into those of us with fibro.