Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You to Those Who Serve(d)

These men were all veterans of international wars and members of the American Legion Post 326 in Lake Placid, NY. Kneeling in the front row from the left are Lionel Vincent, George "Ed" Vincent, Louis Vincent, and Henry Vincent. These four men are my father, his brothers, and his father, my grandfather.

Grandpa Vincent served in World War I, while my father and his brothers were in World War II. Daddy (Ed) was stationed in Anzio, Italy and made it to the front line on the day the truce was called. Their cousin, Bob, was raised by Grandma and Grandpa Vincent and is considered an uncle to us all. He is not in the photograph because he was serving in Korea at the time.

To me, this is a miracle. All these men served in war and came back alive, married, and had children. How many families sent all their sons and they all came home? I have cousins who were in Viet Nam and Iraq. They all came home, too. 

I am very grateful to all who serve, or have served, our country. Our family never had a Gold Star Mom or Dad or Wife. To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, know your member have many people who are thankful for and to them.

Thank you, Corporal Ed Vincent, for your Army service. He came home and continued to serve until 1951. I cannot share any stories of my father's service; he met an untimely death in a car accident when he was 43 and I was barely 10-years-old. I never got the chance to ask him about the war he was in.

Daddy is the one in the middle

These are the only photos I have of his time in Italy. I could not figure out why he took a picture of these tents, but someone else pointed out to me that the tent on the left has a hole from some kind of ammunition. 

Thank you, again, you brave men and women.