Sunday, November 1, 2015

Planning the Week Step-by-Step

I use a Passion Planner, and I think it is one of the best planners I have ever used. Last week, I shared my new planner set-up that has been very successful for me. It was requested that I do a walk-through of my weekly set-up, so here it is. 

A clean week:

First: I cover the times with Washi tape purchased from The Reset Girl shop:

I had already added the "Water Plants" and "Refill Meds" months ago, so before I had changed my methodology.

Next, I add the new column headings using the stickers I have available here, plus others I have on hand. 

Then I use more stickers to fill in the columns. Honestly, I am not sure I really like all the activity stickers - I think it makes the page too busy for my ADHD and fibro. What do you think?

The McDonald's arch sticker is a reminder of my weekly coffee klatch. I have separate stickers for journaling and writing - journaling is personal, while writing is stories, poems, and the like. The little sticker in the far right column is preparing my planner for the coming week.

Once the stickers are on, I draw out check boxes to track my progress, plan my menu, and fill in information that I do not have a sticker for. If the item is once a week, I do not draw out checkboxes, but I do make an "x" beside it when it it is completed.

Yes, I forgot to fill in my menu before I snapped the photos. Meal Prep, for me, involves cooking rice, slicing/chopping vegetables for different recipes, and anything else that will make the actual cooking process easier. 

The stack of books is both a check-box item and a place where I write down the book I am currently reading - right now I am catching up on Real Simple magazine issues, so there is no book listed. 

The Blog column is where I jot down my ideas for the coming week's posts. I have a plan to write a planner-related one (this is it), an ADHD or fibromyalgia information post, and a project post. I have not decided what those two posts will focus on yet.

I hope this helps in understanding my new spread-planning method.


I have preordered the 2016 version in blue through the Kickstarter program - its page set-up is slightly different than the 2015 with three new boxes on the left-hand side: People To See, Places To Go, and Not To-Do lists.