Friday, November 27, 2015

10 Reasons to Avoid Black Friday if You Have Chronic Pain

Black Friday shopping can be hard on any body, but it is particularly rough on someone with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions. I have only done it once when my fibro was in its early stages, my weight was where it should be, and I was in good shape. It still wore me out. 

Here is a list of reasons to avoid Black Friday shopping:
  1. Stress exacerbates pain
  2. Cold weather exacerbates pain
  3. Standing in lines can cause fatigue, especially if this is not something you normally do or if you are in line for midnight store openings when you are normally sleeping
  4. Exhaustion decreases stamina, something needed for shopping expeditions
  5. Thinking about getting the good deals can lead to sleep problems, which causes fatigue and pain
  6. Thinking about getting the good deals can cause anxiety
  7. Brain fog increases when sleep is reduced or non-restorative
  8. The sights and sounds (not counting pushing and shoving) can cause sensory overload
  9. Negotiating crowded store aisles is particularly hard if you have to use a motorized cart like I do 
  10. Standing in long lines can be a problem if you suffer from irritable bladder and/or irritable bowel. Maybe they exist, but I have never seen a port-a-potty at waiting lines.

For sufferers of chronic pain, one must decide whether the consequences are worth the bargains. Personally, I recommend online shopping. Many stores are offering Black Friday deals online, as well as in the stores - "Bricks and Clicks." Some stores have items that are on sale only online. 

Whichever way you choose to do Christmas and/or Hanukkah shopping, I hope you...