Saturday, October 10, 2015

You Want to do WHAT with Your Hair?

When my sons were young, their hair was cut by their aunt, a professional hairdresser. She was moving quite far away, so I watched very carefully while she gave them one last haircut. I became their hair stylist. 

My boys were allowed to decide what they wanted for haircuts. When other parents would say something to me, I would tell them that it was really the only thing they could do whatever they wanted. It would always grow out or could be cut, depending on what they wanted to do with it. 

They had mullets, rat tails, bowl cuts, crew cuts, etc. And they never all wanted the same hair cut. The funny thing is, it would not be long before most of the baseball or soccer teams had the same hair cut. I guess the other parents started thinking the same way I did.

My oldest graduated with ringlets halfway down his back. It took a few years to grow out, but it was perfect for my musician's rock band, Artifice. Now this child never even had baby curls, so it was a surprise when his post-puberty hair turned out to be curly. 

OK, so that is Howard Stern, but we always thought he could play a younger Howard Stern in a movie. By the way, the girls loved Son #1's hair.

When my two younger sons were in high school, they died their hair blue for homecoming. They graduated in 2001 and 2003, so it was more unusual then, and even more unusual in this rural area. 

The youngest of my three had a featured role in a community theater production in early December of his senior year. Play rehearsals started right after Homecoming. The director asked if he was going to dye it back to dark brown for the production. (Asked in the way adults have of saying, "You WILL be doing....") He assured her it would be. 

A few weeks out, she started bugging my stubborn son about dying it. This was a mistake. He had every intention of dying on the following Saturday, but he did not do so because of her nagging.

She asked me a time or two (we were both in the play) about it, and I reassured her it would be his original color before dress rehearsal. Well, it came to the day before dress rehearsal, and his hair was still blue. Mrs. Director was having a conniption, but #3 and I stayed calm. Naturally, it was dark brown for dress rehearsal - it had been dyed after school. 

Well, now I want to dye mine, probably turquoise. I have plenty of time to decide, because I have been growing my normally short hair for the purpose of donating it to Locks of Love.

I donated once before back in 2002. It is very easy to do so, but there has to be a 10"-long braid or ponytail. "Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches." I measured mine a few days ago, and the longest part is seven inches, so only three more to go.

If you interesting in donating your own or your child's hair, information can be found at:

Just because I could, I went to to try on different hairstyles for after it is cut. I think Penelope Cruz works well for me. What do you think?

Try it out for yourself.