Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planning When You Don't Have Kids at Home and Kit Review

I am sorry I have not been around lately; I was dealing with multiple health issues. One back outage for 10-11 days, 2 antibiotics, 1 short hospital stay, and a virus later, here I am. The next antibiotic starts soon. It is hard to believe that I used to be an incredibly healthy person.

My children have been adults for quite a while now, so it amazes me it has taken me this long to think of my planner differently. This is the third week I have been testing a new method, and I think this is really going to work for me.

Before and After:

I record appointments into the monthly calendar as they are made.


I do not have as busy a life as I did back then, or even before I became disabled, but I still have places to go,... The way I was using my planner until a few months ago was the way most people do - put appointments into the appropriate date/time slot. 

Then, at the end of each week, I started copying the appointments from the monthly calendar at the top of the next week's date column and disregarded the time slots. I used the rest of the column to list what I planned to do that day. 

As you can see above, it was pretty empty. I was reluctant to write plans down, because I did not always get things done on that day, so they would be migrated along the page - sometimes, to the next page. I had a pretty messy spread by the end of the week with the majority of it being plans moved.


I had an epiphany! I decided to use the dates as categories instead. 

Across the top, I labeled each column as Expenses, Calls, Inspirational Quotes, Errands, Goals (for me right now, they are blogging post categories with ideas for each), Appointments, and Household. At the bottom of each column is meal ideas. At the very bottom, I have Personal, Family, and Writing. The Writing area is also a place to doodle or jot other things down. 

Now, I list what needs doing this week down for each column. I can simply check things off as they are accomplished! The bottom sections have seven blocks after each item to "x" out each day I do whatever it is. This will help me to see where I have been slacking or what is an unreasonable expectation for me.

Review of Listers Gotta List Kit #5 - Fall Fun:

The following is my personal, unsolicited opinion. I have not been compensated, and I purchased this kit with my own funds.

I ordered some goodies from TheResetGirlShop.com, the company that has been doing the #ListersGottaList monthly challenges. In the fall kit were three monthly tabs; I decided to put them on the top of the page, instead of on the side. (Other items from my order are in the box behind the book.) 

Since the place I store my Listers journal is rather tight, I need to place it upright. The repeated putting it in and pulling it out of the space would have ruined the tabs if I had placed them along the side. 

These are heavy paper stickers, so they are nice and sturdy. I think they are quite attractive, too. There is an assortment of stickers on the two sheet included in the kit including a kit little girl I used when I created a new dashboard. 

Isn't she cute? 

Also included in the order was the "PLANNING IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE" card above, which I decided to make into a dashboard. On the other side, I affixed a few different items to fill the space. The television journaling card and the "NEW SEASON, NEW STORIES" die cuts were included in the Fall Kit, as are the two small circle stickers on the bottom of the card. 

The "HEY GIRL..." at the top, and signature, cartoon, and quote on the bottom were from a note included in the box and were glued in place using a rock-star Ranger Ink mini glue stick also included in the kit. This was the first time using this brand, and I am impressed with its holding power. I will be laminating the card to keep it nice while using it as a bookmark in my 2016 Miquel Rius book.

I have used a little bit of everything in the kit, including the ink pad and the roller stamp. I ordered a few extras, including a couple more roller stamps, and I am quite happy with everything I have received.

I posted a video of the whole kit's contents here