Friday, October 16, 2015

October is ADHD Awareness Month and More

Speaking of ADHD... I opened up Blogger to write this post about five hours ago, wanting to include a video I made. Well, I was having a horrible time uploading it, so I went to Facebook to see if anyone could tell me how to do so, started playing a game there after writing the post, cleaned up a lot of my Inbox (290 unread emails down to 127 unread), uploaded my video to YouTube, and watched a Kickstarter video before getting back here. 

I discovered in one of my emails that it is ADHD Awareness Month and thought it was just perfect based on my night, so far.

So, life has been happening between this post and last. My back went "out" on the the 8th, and it is still having fits. I looked up to see what it means after dealing with this for almost 30 years. It struck me that it cannot go "out" anywhere, and I knew, from experience, it was different from slipping a disc. Turns out it is a muscle spasm. Good to know.

Then, several days ago, I began coughing and my chest felt like a cat, not an elephant, was sitting on it. Now I am on an antibiotic for either pneumonia or bronchitis. That is what has kept me away for a few days. 

I have written a few posts here about the #listersgottalist challenges from The Reset Girl - June 7, June 8, August 2, September 30.

Well, I finally ordered one of her Lister's kits. I had not before. Previously, they were named after months, but they were always for sale after the month had started. I wrote to her about it; I am sure others did, too, because she posted a video about changing the names due to the confusion. So, I bought the first one since the change - LGL Kit #5: Fall Fun. (There I go getting distracted again - I started looking at her new items while I was retrieving links for here.)

When the kit came, I made an unboxing video. Now, this is only the second video I have ever made, and it is on my cell phone, so there are problems. I am going to share it here. Be kind if you choose to watch it. 

Here is the link just in case.

The Kickstarter video was for the 2016 Passion Planner. I have written about my 2015 version - May 14, May 17, June 5, July 27. Angelia Trinidad is offering three colors this year - black is the original, and two limited editions - blue and gold. What I like about this year's video is the new philanthropic campaign - for every one purchased, another one will be given away to someone in need. 

I invite you to watch the video: Passion Planner: Get One, Give One. If you decide to buy one, please let them know you were referred by me. For every three that are bought using my name, I earn a free one. In the spirit of the campaign, I will give away any free ones I earn. 

Well, now you are caught up with what has been going on.



P.S. Please shoot me an email or comment below if you 1) can give me some constructive criticism on my video, 2) can help me figure out how to use my webcam, and/or 3) buy a Passion Planner using my name as a referral. Thank you! 

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