Wednesday, October 7, 2015

365 Questions for 5 Years

Last year at this time, I learned about the 365-Questions 5-Year Journal in a Facebook group I belong to. I followed this link to learn more about it because I am always intrigued by journaling methods. I know I have written about this before, but with the end of one year coming quickly, I thought some of my readers might want to participate starting in January. Posting now gives time to purchase, repurpose, and prepare materials for a January start.

Basically, it is the same 365 questions/prompts answered for five years. The questions were put together by Tami Taylor. Below is the October list.

There are many ways to keep the journal. I have seen examples in notebooks and using index cards - one for each question, so all five years are on an index card. I know others are keeping theirs on a computer, but I do not know whether it is in Word or some other format.

I am using a purple-leather Arc notebook found at Staples. The silver butterflies are clings from Dollar Tree. 

In the nine-plus months, it has received a couple of scuffs; I cannot help but wonder the character the notebook will have at the end of the five years.

The decorations I am using are simple: half of a file folder (laminated and punched), and a booklet of inspirational quote stickers by MAMBI. I am pretty sure I bought the file folder in a pack of three at Walmart. I added coordinating Washi tape before punching the holes to reinforce the edges. 

I write each month and the questions in turquoise pen, then use a different colored pen for each year - blue (2015), purple (2016), green (2017), red (2018), and orange (2019).

I look forward to continue writing each day so I can compare my answers over the five years. I am really curious to see what a gallon of gas will cost over the years. I will admit that I am happy I only have to write out all of the questions once. 

I hope some of you will participate. Please leave me a comment below if you choose to do so or have any questions about my process.