Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My October List Journal

October is here already - unbelievable! It feels like autumn where I live now - the temperatures have dropped 20 degrees, it has been raining for a couple of days, and the leaves are changing colors. One year, during the time I have lived here, the first snowfall came on October 2nd and the ground was never totally bare again until May. Mercifully, there is no snow in the forecast.

Digression: On September 24, the #listersgottalist challenge was "Best fall memories." While I was writing them down, it dawned on me that every single memory had the same co-conspirator - Patrick was my best friend for the first 22 years of my life, so it is not really a surprise. 

The October's ListersGottaList challenge list arrived yesterday, and the one for tomorrow is "Favorite October memories." While having snowfall on October 2nd is not a favorite memory, it will probably find its way on the list, anyway. 

I have used the same Washi tape to adhere each month's list, because it matches the pencil colors of the logo. I wrap the tape around the edge of the page making it easy to locate the monthly lists. 

Once again, I am using the Susan Branch monthly magnetic list pads as my paper. I do not really have any Halloween stickers or tapes, so I found some Washi and adhesive in black, pink, and orange - the pink is because there is pink in the word "October" on the paper. These are what I picked out.

The little tape dispensers are from a boxed assortment I bought at Target. Honestly, I am not happy with them, but they work okay if I remove the plastic casing and use scissors to cut the pieces with.

I did not use the peace signs (pink dispenser).

I selected black, orange, and rose pink Staedtler Triplus Fineliners for the journaling. I used the pink to write in the dates and the journal prompts, and I will alternate the black and orange from day-to-day.

I like the dachshunds - they look like they are in Halloween costumes. 

Usually, I tape all around the edges, but I really like the stars on this paper's edge. I used tape and not glue, because the glue would have taken longer than I wanted to wait to dry and cause the pages to wrinkle.

One of the reasons I like these challenges is that each person creates their own pages and chooses the way they want them to look. There are pre-printed page headings if desired, and there is a separate list and headings for young ones, too.

If you want to participate, go the website: to sign up and get October's list. 



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