Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ADHD and My September List Journal and ADHD

I got online tonight to write this post. It is now three hours later - the ADHD got to me. I have played some games, watched a couple of emails, checked Facebook, looked at some other websites, and .... So here it is:

After receiving my monthly email from The Reset Girl, I downloaded the September #ListersGottaList prompts. I retrieved my September notepad and got to work. 

As a reminder, this is the journal I am using for August, September, and October:

This month list is Washi taped to the page using the same tape I have used for each monthly list. The Washi background color matches the pencil color on the the list. The pink flowers also match the pink color on the bottom of each journal page.

This is the September notepad by Susan Branch. To me, the picture looks like the scalloped border is gold, but it is olive green.

Using the colors from the page, I tried out different pens and markers until I found the ones I liked for these pages. 

I chose these ultra fine line Sharpies to number my pages and write the prompts out. I also selected a pink Washi with tiny dots and colorful leaves on an transparent white background.

I chose these two pens to write the answers to the daily prompts. The green matches the border and the plum one matches the lines. These are Staples-brand pens.  

The Sharpies bled through the paper a little, so I put the test page underneath each daily page for numbering and prompt writing.The plum one was used for numbering each page. After numbering, I rejected the orange Sharpie and used the two pink ones for the prompts.

When I went to fill in the September 1 page, the first Staples pen I chose would not write. I through that one away and picked up the second one. That one did not write, either. I do not recommend the Staples gel pens at all. These were new pens! I ended up using a brown PaperMate InkJoy pen, instead. I prefer the Profile to the InkJoy, but I liked the InkJoy brown for these pages.

Are you participating in the #ListersGottaList monthly challenges? I think it is really fun. If you are interested, here is the link. The Reset Girl shop sells an assortment of decorations, but these are not required - you can use whatever you like to decorate or not decorate at all.



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