Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time Management for Students

Source: Maquinna Elementary School
It is that time again. In some places, school has already begun; and, it will not be too long before everyone is back to school. Along with it comes responsibilities to get to class, do homework, go to sports activities and scouts, play practice, a job, etc. How does it all get done on time?

Planning. Definitely planning. 

OK, so you know I have ADHD, but so does my oldest son. When he was in 4th grade, he had two major reports due just two days apart. One was for history, the other was for English. He and I mapped out a game plan. I know from experience this can work for just about everyone.

  • First, you need either a calendar or a chart with the number of weeks/days laid out. The day the Assignment #1 is given is Day 1.
Form - Blank Week with Time PDF
  • When is the assignment due? Put that on the calendar or chart. 
  • Schedule out how many days in advance are needed for the writing and editing process. This will be different depending on the age of the student, even if the student is you. 
  • Now, if a book is to be read, break down the number of days in between into the number of pages in the book. For example, the book is 240 pages long and there are 8 days between Day #1 and the first day of the writing process. This means 30 pages must be read each day. 

  • Notes will need to be written while reading or researching, which will increase time needed.

  • If it is a research project, how many sources are needed? Allow for extra, because sources found may not have the information needed. For example, three sources are needed; be prepared to double or triple that number.
  • Allow at least one day per source, if the information is found on the Internet. Allow more if the information is to be found in a library as books or magazines are, generally, longer than Internet sources. 
  • If another major assignment is given in the same time period, use a second color of ink to mark Assignment #2's Day 1 and due date. If you created a chart, add the number of days needed if it is due after Assignment #1.

  • Block off the hours required for school and commuting time. Block off activities, including commute. Block off work with commute. 

  • What is left is the amount of time available to complete assignments and do other homework. (I had to change the plan to fit the calendar I made.)

  • Other homework will be added to schedule as assigned.
I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks.



P.S. Did you notice I used color coding?

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