Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sophie's Universe Made with Thread (So Cool)

Many months ago, I saw the most amazing thing. I joined a crochet-along making a project called "Sophie's Universe." There are several posts on this blog showing pictures of projects and following specific ones from beginning to end. One of these just blew my mind. Geneve-Kae Snyder made hers with thread using two very tiny metal hooks.

Look at how tiny this is!
All these threads will have to be woven in.

A closer look at the threads she used.
Blocking Sophie to keep her round and flat.
Squaring it off.
When it is fanned like this, the flowers are apparent.
Growing bigger, but still small compared to those made of yarn.
Mounted and ready for judgment at the Clark County Fair. Look how tiny the hooks are! The finished project is 10 inches square.
I assumed that if Geneva entered Sophie into a fair, she would win the blue ribbon. I was wrong. She won the  blue ribbon and the Superintendent's Award, which is the highest honor at the fair. 

Are you as impressed as I am?