Monday, August 24, 2015

"Royalty" Afghan Squares and More

I am continuing my unabashed love fest for the crochet designs of Dedri Uys, author of the blog:
Look at What I Made
Dedri hosted the "Block a Week CAL 2014 Come Crochet Along!" I say she hosted it, because the blocks were created by 18 talented designers, but none of them was designed by Dedri alone. 

I have picked some of my favorites to share here. Click on the caption to link with the instructions on her site.

Prince Protea Square - This square is the second one that I fell in love with; Sophie's Garden Block was first. This photo is completed through 12 of the 13 rows.

Prince Protea Square
Princess Square

Princess Square
Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels
Alternate Color Palette

Betty Byers used Sophie's Garden as the centerpiece of her afghan. This was not part of the original set of blocks for the 2014 CAL. She also used a different color palette, but it happens to be my favorite. I cannot show you pictures, as I do not have her permission. However the link to her photos, colors, yardage, and edging are found here.

Stay tuned: I will be sharing more patterns this week.

Please let me know if you choose to make any of the pattern links I share here.



P.S. I have Dedri's permission to use her photo and provide links to her blog.

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