Sunday, August 2, 2015

Making a List Journal - a Step-by-Step Pictorial

(One of the problems with having chronic health problems is that I have no control over when any of them are going to act up. Today, my right forearm muscles are seizing and making it hard to type. I have a goal of publishing 25 days this month. This is day 1.)

I have been participating in The Reset Girl's #ListersGottaList monthly challenges since May. I have been using Susan Branch's month-by-month note pads. The extra sheets made the book I was using bulge, so I took out a number of pages. Unfortunately, I did not do this early on with the first book I used, so it got kind of wonky because the pages were all taken out from the last half.

This time, I took pages out before starting, and spread it through-out the book. The pages are sewn in in batches, so it was easy to remove a couple of pages from the center of each batch. I hope this time the three months will be flat.

This is the book I chose this time:

I paid $2.99 for it at a Christmas Tree Shops store. I used a green version first, and I will use the teal version when this one is completed. Each comes with 160 pages, and I brought it down to 100 pages to have room for the monthly lists.

In the first book, I taped all the months' lists in with one kind of Washi, and I am continuing to use it with the new one. I chose it, because it matches the logo.  Here is the list printed off and taped in:

I did not like the rust color of the August pages' borders, so I chose other colors to attach them to the book. Since the book's pages have a pink border, I chose a pink and lime green rolls of Washi:

First, I added pink tape along each side, making sure to cover the border completely. I find it easier to get the tape just right before I tape it into the book:

Left-Hand Page
Then I add the green tape to the top and bottom edges:

Looking at the above, you can see that the green is see-through. It diffuses the rust enough to make it look closer to a dark pink, like the rink around the bowl in the picture. 

On the left side, I put the green tape along the sides and the pink along the top and bottom. I am not lucky enough to get it on perfectly first time. 

That is what is nice about Washi - it is repositionable.

Better! This is what the completed right-hand pages look like.

Now the problem with me going past the corners on the top and bottom pieces was that I ran out of green before I ran out of days. This was all that was left - not enough for two more sides.

I decided to cut the tape in half so I could do another page with shorter pieces.

I did not think it would look right to have long pink pieces with very short green pieces, so I used short pink pieces, also: 

But I did not like the way it came out. Do you agree?

So, I went on the hunt for another green tape to use, and came up with a couple of choices. I placed each on a long piece of the original green to see which one I liked better.

This was my choice:

Did I pick the right one?

This is what it looked like on the completed pages:

It is not perfect, but I like it better than the shorter pieces. I chose to put the pink on the long sides on both pages since the green is so narrow.

Next, I needed to select which pens to use on the pages:

I chose the darker rose to write the prompts; then I will alternate the pink and the bright green for the lists.

The next step was to add the prompts from the list (way up) at the top of the page.

Now, the pages are ready to fill in each day this month. What do you think? (See the center sewing I talked about?) Please leave me comments below.

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