Monday, August 31, 2015

Improving Health When You Have Fibromyalgia or Other Chronic Illnesses

I have fibromyalgia. That, however, is not the sum total of everything that has gone wrong in my body during the last 10 years. I think that anyone with fibro can say the same thing. I know that I will never be well, but I want to get better. Perhaps you do, too, and perhaps this post will help you.

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Places I avoid:
  • Grocery store
  • Wal-Mart
  • Dollar Tree
  • Anywhere outside of my apartment, really

I have a deteriorating spine with osteoarthritis. 

I used to love shopping, then the shopping cart became something I needed to lean on just to make it through the store, and now I have to use an electric cart. Then, I have to drive home, unload the car, and put everything away.

I know the biggest encumbrance is my weight. The irony is, the weight gain is a result of medication for another condition. The right medication has finally been found, but I gained 80 pounds in the meantime. 

Losing weight will take a lot of stress of my back and legs and will make moving easier. Adding some muscle tone would absolutely be helpful, especially abdominals to support my spine. 

I created a menu planner, grocery list, and food record (find form links here). However, I also need to record the food the effects the food I eat has on me. Some foods can make fibromyalgia flare up, and if a record is not kept, it is hard to identify what is causing it. So, I created a Fibromyalgia Food Journal.
Fibromyalgia Food Journal
What makes this different from the food record are the columns for preparation and reaction to the food. The blank column can be for Weight Watchers' points or other notes, like the weather during each meal. Weather definitely affects pain levels. I have weather stickers which could be used there.
Besides this new food journal, I have a couple of stickers that can help.
Both the pain thermometer and the emotion thermometer will help assess how foods affect them. Additionally, I have water intake and exercise record stickers. This sheet of stickers has other types of stickers on them, so you can use the sticker grid on the same post to cut and paste (snipping tool) only the ones you need/want to print.
Please comment below if there is anything that you feel would help you in your fight to feel better - a form or some stickers. What you share will help others, too.



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