Monday, August 17, 2015

Everything Old is New Again - And a HUGE Thank You!

Okay, so not everything. At this point, I have completed the overhaul of the first 54 posts of this blog. One of the 54 was deleted, so that leaves us with 53 posts that have new pictures, new links, corrections, and more.

Going back was an experience. My blog writing skills have gotten better (I hope), so I don't think the remaining 100 will take too much time. Of course, I still need to fix the links on all the printables except the toy labels - they were from one of the first posts I wrote.

And, thanks to Sophie's Universe, my blog has attracted many new readers since I started in January. At the end of January, I had 423 pageviews. In February, the pageviews went down to 407 for the month. In March, the pageviews were more than double over February's at 1,090 total. April's grew again to 1,626, and May's were 2,081. 

I starting using Snipping Tool to copy the graphs/statistics, because I was so amazed with the growth. The first one below, I copied because I had 200 pageviews in one day - more than I had had for any day previously. The "Pageviews last month" shows May's numbers - only a slight increase over April.

Month of May Pageviews

Now look at June's pageviews below. May was 2,195, but June's pageviews were 9981 - a 78% increase over May! Yes, I was disappointed that it did not make 10000 for the month. I was so close.

Month of June Pageviews
 July's pageviews increased by more than 30% over June's!
Month of July Pageviews
And you, my dear reader, were instrumental in growing my blog by more than 340% from the beginning in January until July 31. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (I had to make it huge, did I not?)

I am a happy camper... er, blogger. I hope you keep reading, and maybe we can top 20,000 by the end of the year.