Saturday, August 8, 2015

Creating Your Own Smash Book


A couple of months ago, I bought a Simple Stories Daily Grind Sn@p! Pack at Michael's. It has 135 pieces and most are double sided. 

Michael's - $9.99
Now, I do not know how it escaped my attention, but I did not realize the kit was mostly months and days of the week elements. Once I opened the package and spread out everything, I was not sure what I was going to do with them. 

Finally, I decided to create a "year-in-the-life" smash book. I picked out a book I picked up many years ago at Borders. (The fact that I got it at Borders says it had to be many years ago.) I used an Elmer's Bond glue and Washi with the same colors as the embellishments. 

I had to figure out how I would put it all together. It was definitely not planned, but it kind of fell into place as I worked. I started with a cover page to introduce the book.

Then, I began created pages for each month. The first two pages include a calendar (every month starts with the first on a Sunday) and I cut the initial off a square with the day of the week below it. Since the book is junior-size, I needed to put the month in with the calendar sideways, but the tab is at the top. 

It says "Things that start with...." This could mean things that start with "W" in general, or it could mean things that start with "W" in March. 

The next two pages in each month are "What I did in ____" and "Who I talked with." "Talked with" can be in person or on the telephone.

The next page has an hour-by-hour schedule to show a typical day in that month. The page after that says "And" - I included seven pages that can be used as a journal and/or for photographs for each month. I put a piece or two of the Washi that were used in the set pages on each of the journaling pages.

Silly as it may seem, I did not think ahead about how the embellishments would affect the thickness the book. So, I cut the cover apart and threw away the spine piece.

Once that was done, I needed to decide how I was going to put the book back together. I finally decided to use duct tape. I chose two that included a color from the cover page. 

First, I added the solid color to the outsides, wrapping the ends around into the insides.

Then I used the print on the insides, making sure to cover over the ends.  Since I chose a pattern, I had to be careful to line up the pattern as close as I could. This involved overlapping the edges.

As you can see, it is not perfect, but I could not peel the duct tape off the paper like can be with Washi tape. 

I wrapped a little of each edge around to the front of the cover. 

Next, I had to create the spine. I decided to use the patterned tape. First, I taped the back cover edge and brought the tape around to the cover page.

I lifted up an edge of the top embellishment and adhered it to the wrapped around tape. Finally, I added the patterned tape to the front cover edge and wrapped it around the spine to cover the patterned tape on the back. 

I wrote the title on the tape with a Sharpie to show you the finished product, but I am going to type a label sticker when I print stickers again. I love my finished project. Its imperfection is perfectly me.

If you have considered creating your own book, I highly encourage it. Please comment below and let me know if you have been inspired to create your own smash book.



(I noticed a couple of pieces sticking out from the bottom edge in the last picture, so I fixed the problem.)