Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planner Stickers, Part 1

I have been busy for the last few (eight-ish) hours creating sticker sheets to go with the academic calendars. These are designed to be printed out on plain sticker paper, not the kind with labels cut into the paper. 

All photos are the property of Amelia Vincent. 


Business Stickers
 Chores - for adults and children

Chore Stickers
School - Scouts Stickers

School - Scouts Stickers
Sports Stickers - I tried to include more obscure stickers like Irish Step-Dancing and Rhythmic Gymnastics. This is because they seem hard to come by. 

Sports Stickers
In case you missed it, this post includes summertime stickers. Also, these posts include planner pages for the academic year. [Here, here.]