Friday, July 3, 2015

Master To-Do Lists or Honey-Do Lists

I realized I needed a Master To-Do List. Some call them Honey-Do Lists, but I am the Honey who has To-Do the List, so I am calling it a Master To-Do List. Of course, I am sharing it here. I created a full-size version and a junior-size version.  

A Master To-Do List is one that is added to as the task is thought of. The estimated task time might make a difference when scheduling the task; whether it is estimated as 10 minutes or 10 hours or 10 days  can make a big difference. Do not forget to write-in the dates or check a task off when it is finished. 

Tip: One blogger highlights her tasks as she completes them so the undone tasks stand out better.
Full-Size Master To-Do List
Junior-Size Master To-Do List
The To-Do List can be thought of as daily, weekly, etc. For both sizes, I created two columns; the description column is wider on the junior size. I created two per page so that the page can be cut in half and punched for a planner.
Full-Size To-Do List
Junior-Size To-Do List
Both the full-size and the junior-size has the legend that can be seen on the junior-size picture.
Let me know if there is another form you can use or just leave a comment below to say, "Hi." I would love to hear from you.
- Amelia