Thursday, July 23, 2015

Planner Stickers, Part 6 - Even More Stickers

Last night, I thought up some more stickers that would help me now or would have helped me in the not-so-distant past. The colorful blocks are available both with and without lines so they can be cut to fit your needs. Some of the stickers might help little ones with their chores/activities.

I recommend printing on full sheet sticker sheets, then cut them with scissors or a paper cutter. I ordered my sticker sheets at Amazon, but they are probably available at your local office supply store.

The photos of the sticker sheets are the copyrighted property of Amelia Vincent. The original creators of the artwork retain the copyrights. These stickers are not for sale or resale.

Circle Blocks With Lines
4-Circle Blue Shades
8-Circle Blue Shades

4-Circle Green Shades
8-Circle Green Shades
4-Circle Shades of Pink
8-Circle Shades of Pink
4-Circle Shades of Yellow
8-Circle Shades of Yellow
4-Circle Brights
8-Circle Brights
4-Circle Pastels
8-Circle Pastels
Circle Blocks Without Lines

8-Circle Blues Without Lines
4-Circle Greens Without Lines
8-Circle Greens Without Lines
4 Circle Pinks Without Lines
8-Circle Pinks Without Lines
4-Circle Yellows Without Lines
8-Circle Yellows Without Lines
4-Circle Brights Without Lines
8-Circle Brights Without Lines
4-Circle Pastels Without Lines
8-Circle Pastels Without Lines
Planner Stickers With Lines

Planning Stickers
Planner Stickers Without Lines

Planning Stickers Without Lines

Please leave a comment to let me know which stickers were chosen to download. This will aid in decisions for future sticker assortments. Thanks.