Saturday, June 13, 2015

Printable Medical Forms

Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted a tragedy that let her see the need to gather all her family's medical information into one place. I have a Medical Binder, but I realized I am missing some key information, also. She inspired me right then to create new forms for a medical binder or disc-bound notebook. In addition, I have some recommendations for what should be included. 

Below is the binder cover I created for this new binder or notebook. The file has both a front and back cover. I recommend printing the second page twice to create a spine; different spines are different widths, so I did not create one. (See this post for Ways to Create a Homemaking Binder Using the Cover.)

This is my original work for personal use only. 

Medical Information Cover

My advice: If you have one, place a notarized "Do Not Resuscitate" order on your refrigerator for EMS, another one in your Medical Binder, and give a copy to your primary care doctor. 

Recommended Tabs and Order

My advice: Have a separate section or book for each family member. If using a separate book, make copies of the Emergency Contact and Insurance Information forms for each one.

Medical Payments Form
  • Medication List
Medication List
  • Medical Visits Form
Medical Visits Form
  • Medical Diagnoses Form
Medical Diagnoses Form
  • Dental Visits Form
Dental Visits Form
My advice: Keep medical bills behind the medical payments form; behind the medication list, keep medication forms from the pharmacist for reference in case of side effects; medical visit summaries behind the medical visits form; and any medical diagnoses print-outs, like mammogram results, behind the medical diagnoses form. 

My advice: Keep all added pages in the same order they are on the forms for easy location.

I hope these will be useful. If there is anything missing, please let me know, and I will create another form for it.


- Amelia