Saturday, June 20, 2015

Organizing Your Day the Post-it Notes Way

I am using Post-it Notes as an example of what can be used for this project. This is a non-sponsored post. I am not receiving any compensation from 3M or any other entity. 

Almost 10 years ago, I was working with a friend on a series of manuals for a volunteer organization. As we worked, we discovered that the best way to put it all together was by using Post-it Notes. By writing an idea or concept on a Post-it, we could arrange and rearrange the sticky notes until we settled on the best plan.

Post-it Note Collaboration Wall
I realized this is also a good way to organize a master list of projects, chores, meal ideas, and more. 
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Marrakesh Collection,
Quickly, without overthinking, write one idea per sheet. Different types can be posted on different colors, but it's not necessary as the sorting will happen after brainstorming (a.k.a. brain dumping) as many thoughts as possible now. More thoughts can be added as they come up.

Now, sort the ideas into categories within the project type, chore room or type, type of meal - breakfast, sandwiches, desserts, etc. If brainstorming to-dos, sort into home, phone calls, errands, etc. It might be sorted into who is in charge of the idea. Example: Katie - toy room clean-up, check siblings work; Nathan - dish washing, menu planning and grocery list; Kim - lawnmowing, prepare supper.

Next, create a dated master list according to the sorted ideas. This can be columns, quadrants, one page per category - whatever works according to the reason for brainstorming. Plan for the day, week, month, etc. using the master list as a guide. Cross things off, or check them off, as they completed.

The master list is not set in stone. Items can be added as they come up, but be sure to date the additions. The dates are to see how long it takes for the project, etc., to be completed; it is not to suggest that some idea that comes later cannot be completed before something from the first list. 

If it is desired, ideas can be expanded upon by using larger Post-its like the 4" x 6" lined ones.

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Rio de Janeiro Collection, Lined

- Amelia