Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nostalgic for Paper Dolls

When I was a child, I played with paper dolls. I even created a few of my own dresses by tracing the ones I had and coloring them differently. When I had my own children, I could not find paper dolls for them to play with.

I have an active Pinterest page with 94 boards. I just discovered there are many paper doll sets, some from by-gone eras, to be found on Pinterest. I had created one board for Activities for Kids of All Ages that I was pinning the paper dolls to.  However, I found so many that I created another one: Activities for Kids of All Ages - Paper Dolls

James McCall was a clothing pattern designer in the late 1800's. "As a means of advertising his patterns, McCall founded a four-page fashion journal entitled The Queen: Illustrating McCall's Bazaar Glove-Fitting Patterns." (Women's Periodicals in the United States—Consumer Magazines, by Kathleen L. Endres and Theresa L. Luech, Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995) The magazine title was later shortened to McCall's.

McCall's Magazine Cover

From 1951 to 1995, McCall's magazine sold with Betsy McCall paper dolls within its pages. Betsy McCall is probably the best remembered paper dolls among women of a certain age - myself included. The dolls and outfits were cut out to play with, but a cardboard Betsy could be ordered separately for a fee.
Betsy McCall
From 1908-1910, Ladies' Home Journal came with Lettie Lane paper dolls drawn by illustrator Sheila Young. These were very true-to-life figures and came with outfits for different seasons and reasons depicting the Victorian era. There were several lines, including around-the-world pages. 

German Girl - 1910
Please visit my Pinterest board to find these, and many more, pins. Print some out to carry in your planner for your own enjoyment or to keep your children entertained while they are waiting for... whatever. I recommend either adhering the doll to paper board (cereal box, for example) or laminating it to keep it sturdy for hours of play. 


- Amelia