Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Summer (Trying to Keep the Kids Busy) Time! - Part 2

As I trolled through blogs and Pinterest pins, I found an assortment of activities, fun and games to keep kids busy. I thought I would share some of these here this week. Today's post is things to do, including creating journals and decorative covers.

Things to Do
Make Your Own Book

Pinterest pin gives complete instructions
Creating a book from a sketch book
DIY Smash Book
Passport to Summer Fun book
Book ideas only - no instructions
Altered composition book cover idea
From Pinterest cover idea only - site is in Portuguese
Encouraging Journaling

Ideas for encouraging children to write over the summer
Creative ideas for journaling with children
Smash Book

Follow the link below the picture for more information, but a Smash Book is easier to create than a scrapbook, because they are not as fussy. It is a great place to put ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, brochures, and, of course, pictures. 

That is all for today. Tomorrow's post is full of links for journaling prompts.