Monday, June 22, 2015

It's Summer (Calendar) Time!

Summertime! The long school vacation that usually represents moving from one grade to the next. Summer camps of all types. Swimming at the ocean, lake, beach, or pool. Picnics, cook-outs, S'mores around the fire pit. Sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of... planning!

Not every family member gets the whole summer off, so it might be necessary to create a summer schedule. It might be nice to create one even if every family member gets it off. While there may not be lunches for school, there might be lunches for day camp. Backpacks will be filled with bathing suits and towels, instead of books and binders.

Now it is time to plan out the summer schedule for all to see. I created a 12-week summertime calendar on which to post all the activities, events, and appointments. Not sure something will actually happen or may need to be rescheduled? Post-its can be used until the plan is confirmed or canceled.

summertime calendar pdf
I also put together some summertime stickers using free clip art. Full printable sticker sheets are available at office supply stores.
Summertime Stickers PDF
I will be around all summer, so come visit me here. And, for all summertime adventures, keep safe and...