Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Creative, New(ish) Way to Journal

In May, I discovered this Facebook group called “TheResetGirl's #ListersGottaList Challenge.” The challenge reminds me of a book I have owned for the last 10, or so, years entitled Listography. I think I completed two pages. The difference between that book and this challenge is that the challenge is far more relevant to my life than the book was. It is a very creative challenge with each participant creates their own pages. There are headings for each month’s list is found through

As I did with the Sophie’s Universe blog posts, I found a couple of people who were willing to share their pages, too. All the photographs below are the copyrighted property of each person whose name is listed before the set of pictures. If you wish to use a picture, please give attribution to the photographer.

Anisha Adams

 Emma-Louise Smith

My son and daughter-in-law gave me a set of magnetic pads – one for each month of the year – for Christmas. I am using these to create my pages. In my book, I used Washi tape to add the list to the first page, then I have used Washi to tape one sheet from the pad on the next however-many-number of pages for each month. I have added all of May, June, and July in the book, leaving room for the July list to be added.

Amelia Vincent

Tomorrow's post will include some more types of creative journals. For now, I hope this post is something to...


- Amelia