Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sleeping Double in a Single Bed

Is the one thing you look forward to, at the end of a vacation, sleeping in your own bed? Me, too... usually. The thing is, I had a bed problem. I needed more room in my bedroom, but I owned a king-size bed. I gave the bed away and bought a twin. I used to love my old twin bed, so I figured it would work well. It did not.
I tore my left medial meniscus (the ligament on the left side of the knee cap) in 2010, and my whole way I slept had to change. I forgot about this when I decided on a twin bed. How could I forget about this? I do not know, but I did. 

I was a stomach sleeper, always falling asleep on my stomach. I usually woke up on my side, though. Well, with the injury, I had to sleep on my back at first, which was not easy due to problems with my lower spine; so, I added pillows behind my head and shoulders to take the pressure off my lower back. 

Finally, the day came when my knee was healed enough that I could fall asleep on my side if I used a body pillow - those almost adult-size pillows - and put my knee and lower leg on the pillow. One problem: a twin-size bed does not accommodate a large adult with a body pillow. 

I started sleeping in my recliner, which is incredibly comfortable because it keeps my knee bent slightly and supported. I did this for months, longing to be in my bed, but knowing it was not possible to do so. I did try two more times to sleep in my bed, but it was not working. 

Finally, I knew I needed to go back to the furniture store and ask if I could trade it in towards a bigger bed. This is not a normal thing to do, but I had only slept in my bed six or seven times, so I had to try. Thankfully, the bed was not the first thing I had purchased at the furniture store. The owner said he would come look at it and then decide what to do.

After seeing that everything still looked brand new - it should have, since I did not use it, he gave me almost full credit towards the purchase of a larger bed. I bought another king-size bed. It was great! Until....

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My middle child called around Thanksgiving 2014 to ask if he could stay with me for a little while until he found a job in the area and could get his own place. My son is 6'1" tall. There was no way he would fit on the couch, so I gave up my bedroom and returned to the recliner. He stayed with me for a little over three months. He had spent more nights in it than I had! 

He left, and I could sleep in my bed again. And then, the man in the room above mine started making noise at night. Argh! Back to the recliner.  My neighbor has been quiet for a couple of weeks now, and I am able to sleep once again. 

Exile... er... vacation from my bed is over. Tonight, I will return to my "new" bed, complete with body pillow, a pillow for my knee if I roll onto my back, and my new wedge pillow, bought so I do not have to sleep on a pile of pillows any more. 

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(Writing this post about my bed has made my brain think it is bedtime. It is not even 8 p.m. yet!) 

Please share any bed fiascoes you have had in the comments below; it would be nice to know I am not the only one with bedtime blues.

Wish me luck!