Sunday, May 17, 2015

Planning the Week Ahead

Even though I am a disabled person who is home most of the time, it is still necessary for me to plan my week. This week is particularly busy with two appointments Monday afternoon, one Tuesday 75 miles away, two Wednesday (I am just  a little late taking off my winter tires), and one Friday, 60 miles away. Like I said, busy.

Photo copyright by Amelia Vincent
A few days ago, I wrote about my Passion Planner and how it serves me well.  However, it only covers my agenda, but not life things, like meal planning and contact information. These are forms I do not feel the need to carry with me, but are very useful in day-to-day life. 

Although, I am a single, middle-aged, empty-nester, I remember well what is necessary to keep a home running effectively. Or maybe I should say, I still need to keep my home running effectively. Due to my disabilities, it is probably more important than when I was a housewife, because I am not able to do as much each day.

This week, in addition to all the appointments, I will create a home binder to help me around the house. It will include meal planning, dietary/exercise records, budget planning, and chores - daily, monthly, weekly, and seasonally. I will share the forms here in case they can be useful to someone else.

Each day this week, I will post a set of forms relating to each other. Monday - menu/shopping, Tuesday - contact information, Wednesday - home maintenance, Thursday - budget, and Friday - important forms. This is the plan, but it is subject to change due to the travel I have to do. I will be sharing these free of cost, so... 

Update: I was unable to get everything posted as planned, so the remainder should be posting during the week of May 25th.


- Amelia