Friday, May 15, 2015

Pinterest: Adult Coloring Pages

When I read someone else's Facebook post about adult coloring pages, I admit I read it with a questioning mind: Is it like adult movie stores? I was happy that the answer was very innocent. I was not aware that there are now coloring books available that are geared toward adults and coloring pages all over Pinterest. Of course, I had to check it out when I learned this. 

I have now created several boards for future use, each starting with Adult Coloring Pages. I have Fairies, Florals, Mandalas, and Precious Moments boards already started. I will be adding more Pins to them later - I opened up a lot of tabs last night to sort through.

In addition, in the next couple of days, I know I will have Color by Numbers, Disney, Large Images, Mini Posters, and more. Probably more; it depends on what happens during the sorting process. I have a number of different windows open with multiple tabs on each.

I know I have already pinned more than 200 to Adult Coloring Pages - Precious Moments. That is complete, for now.
Check out my Pinterest site, For me, it is time to break out the crayons, the colored pencils, and the markers and...


- Amelia