Saturday, May 9, 2015

Missing Mom on Mother's Day

For those among us whose mothers have passed away, Mother's Day can be a hard holiday. It is a good time for me to remember how special my mother was to me, though. As I wrote in another post, she was my heroine. Admittedly, I did not always feel this way.
Did she embarrass me when I was a teenager? Of course. Did she frustrate me as an adult? Yes. Do I wish she was still around? More than words can say. 

It has been more than 12 years since Mom died. Too soon. She was only 71, which sounded old when I was young, but it was not old enough when she passed. She died from emphysema due to smoking cigarettes. It is how I lost my grandmother 20 years earlier. 

I am not going to get preachy, because there is plenty people could preach to me about. I am just going to encourage others to take care of their health so they can be around for the longest amount of time possible for their children. I am going to take my own advice, too. 

I started to see a dietitian just two days ago. I am now recording every morsel that crosses my lips for a week so he knows where to start with me. He will also be assigning me some mild exercises, since I am starting from couch potato. 

When my mother passed away, I was attending Weight Watchers meetings and working out four days each week. I knew she would not want me to blow it because of her passing, so I stayed diligent. Later that same year, I reached my goal weight. I knew she would have been proud of me. 

I now know she was always proud of me, no matter what I weighed; but I also know she was pleased with how well I was doing, because she told me so. 

I wish I could tell her how proud I was of her, too.