Monday, May 18, 2015

Meal Planning, Part 1

Yesterday, I said I had a busy week, including two appointments and two errands today. Well, it turned into five appointments and three errands, so I did not get done as much today as I had planned to, so I only created the menu planning forms for both letter and junior planners/binders as of now. I will (fingers crossed) have the food record and grocery shopping forms prepared for tomorrow, but I will be on the road tomorrow. 

When I see menu planners, they usually only have dinner/supper spaces. I eat three meals and two snacks per day, plus I like to have a space for notes. I left the forms plain so there is more room to plan.

I used the landscape view for the letter-size, as I like the days of the week to be across the top like they are on a calendar. There is space for ARC/Levenger-style punching or three-hole punching and a space for the dates. 

Menu Planner
I used the landscape view for the junior-size, also, but I created a center column. It can be cut in half and punched on the inside for each half, or it can be punched on the left-hand side of the meals, then folded in half. If printed back-to-back, fold in the other direction when turning it to the other side.

The menu planner link has both letter-size and junior-size forms in a PDF file. Print as many as needed, or print one and laminate for reuse. With the junior-size, I recommend folding the form in half and laminating it that way, or cutting it in half before lamination.