Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Hacks – Finding Storage and Organization Pieces at a Dollar Store

My local dollar store is Dollar Tree. We also have a Family Dollar, but its things are more along the line of a discount store. According to news accounts, they may be merging, but it remains to be seen how it will affect both chains. I digress. The Dollar Tree is a great place to find organization pieces.

When organizing, it is important to determine the space available and what will be going into the space before purchasing organizers. In most stores, organizing pieces are expensive, but at Dollar Tree…, well, they cost $1. If a measuring mistake is made, at least it is not a major investment.

A few years ago, I bought some fabric storage cubes at Target. They work quite well, overall, but a couple do have some of the cardboard sides coming apart. These are fairly large cubes and are currently being used to house fabric and yarn, my two favorite creative media. I did, however, need a couple of small ones for a small space. I found just what I needed, in one of my colors, at Dollar Tree. Each cube has 9” wide x 8” tall sides.
When I sorted my yard into weights, I realized the 11” square bins were too big for some of the smaller weighted yarns. The 9” squares worked much better, and I was able to color coordinate the bins to the weights. In addition, the shelves they were going between were closer together than my other shelving unit’s shelves.

I use two handled carriers from Dollar Tree – one for storing my medications out of the way, and one for my bathroom cleaning supplies. The best part of the carriers is the different sections built into them. I sorted my meds by morning, afternoon, and night. I use a refillable medicine dispenser, and the sections make refilling it faster, since the medicine dispenser is sorted by times, too.

I have many plastic drawer organizers that I use for sorting items in my kitchen, desk, and recycling areas. Our recycling center has a separate can for the screw tops of containers. I have this purple rectangle that I collect them in and take with me to the recycling center. I just tip it into the can – no sorting required.
These plastic nesting bins (below) are used to store pre-cut fabric strips and charm squares. I can see what is inside, and the contents are easily accessible. A plus is the ability to stack them, which saves space.
I decorate my planner pages, as I have mentioned before. I use the plastic baskets below to sort different size items in the same category – Post-Its®, magnetic list pads, small note pads, page flags, and decorative paper and binder clips. When I need a particular size/type, I grab the basket and bring it to my work area.
There are many other storage pieces at Dollar Tree besides the ones I use. I use more than I have shown here, but I want to keep the post to a reasonable length. Also, my local store is quite small; the larger stores have a better selection than is here.