Monday, May 11, 2015

Isn't that Pinterest - ing?

Like a lot of people, I have a Pinterest account.

It can be seen that I have quite a few boards with a lot of pins. I have a tendency to create additional boards when I think categories within a board have emerged. I know I tend to skip other people's boards that have hundreds of pins on them, in part because these boards seem to have a lot of duplicates. 

It drives my ADHD crazy, since I have a short attention span. It drives my fibromyalgia crazy, because it is information overload. If a board topic is of high interest to me, I will keep the tab open and visit it over a period of time. However, I skip over the tab when going from one site to another. I usually end up closing it before I get all the way to the bottom.

What I wonder is if my followers of a particular board, rather than my page, are forwarded to the new boards within the category, too. I recently split "Organization," keeping that board for general information related to it, adding "Organization - Kitchen and Pantry," "Organization - Home Office and Paper," and "Organization - Decluttering." I think of splitting the boards as "decluttering" them.

I put the boards into alphabetical order so followers can find a category all in one place. A person with ADHD operates better with organization, even though it can be difficult due to the ADHD. Paradoxical, I know.

Do others organize their boards in a particular order? Do others check their boards to make sure there are not duplicates within the boards? Do others split their boards sub-categories like I do?

The mind of a person with ADHD - always wondering and curious and questioning. I hope if someone checks out my Pinterest site, that it is something they can...