Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cleaning House - Part 2

As promised, here is the Comprehensive Housekeeping List.

Comprehensive Housekeeping List
In Part 1, I said "I am creating a Comprehensive Housekeeping List so each person can pick and choose to create a customized list for their household." Use my list to pick and choose what you need from it; add anything I may have forgotten. Change the schedule to fit your lifestyle, as needed.

I also promised a Contact List. Well, I created two - one for emergencies and one for everyday or work. I made enough lines to add more than one phone number and email address.

Emergency Contact List
Contact List
Finally, this is the end of the housekeeping lists I promised. Find the following lists by clicking on them - they will lead to the blog post they came from: Menu Planner, Food Record, Grocery List, Insurance Information, Comprehensive Budget Worksheet - read all three days for complete information for using the worksheet.

My advice: As I mentioned in Cleaning House - Part 1, I recommend keeping a home maintenance binder. Of course, these pages could be added to a planner, but it can become unwieldy if every form is included, but keeping the contact list in a planner and binder might be useful.

There might be information I forgot on the housekeeping lists. Please leave a comment below so I can update the list. I hope this series has been of use; if I am missing a form that should be included, please leave a comment below.


- Amelia