Friday, April 24, 2015

Watching Sophie's Universe Grow with Sara Paplia

It is a privilege to present today's blog. One of my fellow crocheters of Sophie's Universe, Sara Paplia, has given me permission to share her photos here. Sara takes photos of her Sophie as Parts are completed. 

Sara has 19 colors of Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which is a worsted-weight size 4 yarn. This weight uses a larger crochet hook, and the finished product is the largest of the demonstrated pattern at Look At What I Made.

It is fascinating to watch Sophie grow. 


The center flower's petals radiate outward
From round to square

A view from above - Sophie's Universe covers the tabletop
Becoming an octagon
White tulips

Folded in this way gives a great view of the repetitions
Close-up of a corner flower
Sara's husband, PFC Paplia
Sophie is so large now, she no longer fits on the table
Note the corner detail with Sophie squared off once more

Butterflies added

Close up of corners
Part 15 complete
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Note how Sophie looks 3-D even in a picture

UPDATE  - Sara has finished her Sophie's Universe; here are two additional pictures to show the completed afghan.

Corner detail