Thursday, April 30, 2015

Traveling With a Computer, but Without a Computer

This post was written on April 8th, but I was not happy with it, as I said in the replacement. I edited it today, so here it is:

I was away for several days to visit my son and his wife and to celebrate Chreaster with her family members. I had been out of sorts at Christmastime, so we had Christmas after Easter supper. My son used to call people who only went to Mass at Christmas and Easter Chreasters. That name was appropriate on Sunday.
When I was gone, I had my old computer with me since my new one is out for repair. (Note to self: Be careful not to drop your new laptop.) This computer seems to like my wi-fi, but not my son's, therefore I could not write a blog post while I was gone. I might as well have left it at home, because it was like traveling without a computer.

I bought my first laptop in 2007 when I was in college. It was great to be able to take it back and forth for access to websites, gathering research for homework assignments, and preparing the same. But, I continue to travel with my computer after graduation.

How did people ever get along without this portable genius? 

Now, I will admit it - I am 55-years-old. I got along quite well all those years beforehand. I even found it annoying when my ex would bring his laptop on vacations to stay in touch with work. To me, that takes the purpose of a vacation away - we are supposed to leave work behind when we take a vacation, even if the vacation is a "staycation." But now, it is hard to live without the computer. 

I also had my Kindle with me. I could access the internet with it, but I would not write a blog touching one letter at a time. Can you imagine it? I was able to work on my Sophie's Universe by accessing the directions at Look at What I Made, read, watch videos, check email, and play games with it, though
This is, hopefully, the last post written on this old laptop. I bought a new Toshiba to replace the one I broke (Reminder to self: Do not drop your laptop.) last month. Tomorrow, it will be set up day, and I plan to write tomorrow's post on the new one. Until then...