Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Trouble with Chronic Illness, Part 3

Hello Readers,

As promised, the saga continues. One may ask why I am telling all this about myself. Well, it is because it could be anyone, and I want to inform the reader: Just because I am chronically ill, it does not mean I have stopped living - it has just become more difficult. 

Please be patient with people like me. We know it is not easy being our friends, because we sometimes have to cancel at the last minute. Fibromyalgia is hard to live with, too. I look forward to "dates" with friends, and it is frustrating for me to have to call my friend to say I cannot go because my body has decided not to cooperate.
My all-day shopping trips are a thing of the past. I live where there is a shortage of shopping, so heading to a place with stores like Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, and Target requires driving a distance away. The drive itself is tiring. 

My friend used to plan our trips very carefully and, since I drove, she could rest during the travel time. She knew exactly which stores she wanted to visit; sometimes, I dropped her off and went to several stores in the time it took her to do one. Now, I would be the one who needs dropping off, but I mostly shop alone. Last November, I spent a couple of nights in a hotel so I could rest during Christmas shopping.
One of the biggest problems with fibro is that it is invisible. Look at a friend with it, and she looks perfectly healthy. Her body - most sufferers are female - could be screaming at her while she is smiling outwardly.
Today, my triceps are burning as if I had worked out with heavy weights. That is why I am going to finish here.

To be continued... maybe.

- Amelia