Thursday, April 23, 2015

One of Those Days

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way you planned? Of course! Everyone has, right? Today was one of those.

I have an upstairs neighbor who has been quite noisy at night for many nights in a row, robbing me of sleep. This is saying a lot when it comes from an insomniac! Well, it finally caught up with me, and I slept four hours longer than I had planned to. 

It is not like I overslept by 10-20 minutes and had to rush around to get out of the door. If a friend had not called me to meet up with her, I do not know if how many hours more I would have slept - the phone call woke me up.
My plans had included going to the recycling center and then going grocery shopping. After leaving my friends, I went to the recycling center. I had missed it by 15 minutes, but I wrote down the hours, so I will know better in the future. The car is full of recyclables, so grocery shopping had to go on hold until tomorrow.

I made an unexpected stop, then headed home. While going through the mail, my phone rang asking if I was busy. Not really, so company came over. I cleaned all my paperwork off the couch so she would have a place to sit down (I do not have a dining room table). I always enjoy having company, and the conversation flowed. 

My local grocery store's sales fun Friday through Thursday, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday having extra-low prices on a few items. Since my grocery list was made from last week's flyer, it was necessary to make a new list and copying over things that I needed whether they were on sale or not.

And that led to it being almost 9:00 before I realized I had not written today's blog post yet. It also led to the blog topic. 

Please feel free to share something that has caused your plans to go haywire.