Thursday, April 2, 2015

Life Hacks - Ice Trays

People are pretty ingenious when it comes to finding alternate uses for items that are already in their homes. Today's life hack is uses for ice trays.

Standard ice cube trays:

1. Freeze berries with water or a soft drink to make flavorings for drinks like Sprite, 7-Up, or fruit punch.
2. Freeze mint leaves as drink flavorings for teas, cocktails, plain or flavored waters, etc.
3. Keep jewelry sorted in a dresser drawer.
4. Use ice cube trays to sort office supplies
5. Store screws, nails, toggle, nuts bolts
Bottle ice trays:

6. Office supplies
7. Nails, screws, mollies
8. Sewing supplies - I think the bobbin idea is fabulous.
I am sure there are many other uses limited only by the imagination.

- Amelia