Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Guest Blog: Organized Chaos…Planning With a Purpose

Today's guest blogger for this series is Jenise Spears. She was very patient with me, as the computer her work was on died, so she had to resubmit everything to me. I am very grateful to her for sharing with me and my readers. Enjoy!


Please note: All photos are the property of Jenise Spears. If you use one of them elsewhere, please credit Ms. Spears in keeping with copyright law.

So, I have many hobbies…and have gone thru many phases in my life….purse collector, shoe hoarder, interior designing, nail polish addict, and finally, planner girl.  I’ve been a planner girl for over 20 years.

I started with the Franklin Covey series of planners, I was a devout October/ November shopper where I had to go to the store for the latest themed set for the New Year.  This went on for quite a number of years until Franklin just stopped publishing cute pages and started to bore me (I think it was when they retired my girl, Maxine).  After I left Franklin…I went rebel for a while and just used plain notebooks/notebook papers to capture notes, journal, and write in.  I used every color of the rainbow ink in my books, because I had to keep it pretty.  But I grew bored with that.

Then I discovered the Arc discbound system and my tired eyes were revived to know that not only could I customize my planner, but I could decorate it, too!!! I was finally free to do me.

My latest planner pages are the Passion Planner, which helps me to figure out my passion/goals and track towards that. I use this planner for work and I usually decorate it every Sunday night… prepping for my week at work. 

I start with figuring out what’s going on in my week and what inspirations will help me through that week, which is when I pick out my colors, themes, Washi and stickers.  For this week, I chose a cross Washi pattern and coordinating colors, since it’s the week before Easter, a holy week.

Many people have their own style of design or decorating their pages, and I like to think it’s like scrapbooking on steroids. 

Where to buy?

Just about every store is getting into the paper business and some of my favorite places to shop for supplies are Target, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and others.  Each of these stores also have a broader range of selection on their online site.  Make sure you sign up for notifications from JoAnn’s and Michaels because they have sales and coupons weekly!  (That’s every week... rarely do they skip a week.) 

How to place them?

Wherever you like. I like to put Washi on my page edges to reinforce them. I’ve also used them in the spine of my binder for decoration and stability.  In a discbound system, it can make the hole punching just a wee bit difficult with that Washi on the spine, but it works.  For my passion planner I also cover up my times with Washi tape, as I write in my main appointments. I usually find an inspirational quote or two to place on my weekly pages that will help to inspire me as I work towards the goals I’ve outlined for myself at the beginning of the week. 

This is my Sunday routine that I usually do every Sunday evening while watching my favorite shows on TV.  I carry my supplies to work with me, so I’m able to add or change my pages at will.

How to store the supplies?

I have a couple of pen/pencil cases that hold all of my small Washi, pens, highlighters, tapes, etc.  I’ve “repurposed” a makeup bag that now serves as my daily commuter, bringing along many stickers and supplies. I never leave home without these bags. 

This decorating can take as long as you want, but mine usually takes no more than 30 minutes as I check out my calendar and appointments and incorporate my decorations from there.  All in all, it’s a wonderful way to organize the chaos in my ever-changing mind.  

Happy planning!

Jenise's blog is located at: http://neicy17.blogspot.com/