Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beautiful Examples of Sophie's Universe, Part 3

As before, I am very grateful to my fellow crochet-along group members for their generosity in sharing their photos of their projects in progress. Sophie's Universe was inspired by Sophie's Garden (see previous post), created by Dedri Uys of Look At What I Made.

Sophie's Universe has been presented to the participants using three types of yarn, each with its own recommended crochet hook. Depending on which is chosen, the measurements of the completed project varies. I have chosen Worsted Weight (#4) for mine, which is the largest size yarn types. Look closely and it can be seen the different weights of yarn used.

Photo credit is owned by the person whose project is pictured.

Candy Robinson - At the end of Part 14, Sophie's Universe measures about five feet across.

Crochet Villa

Debbie Wells-Bethel

Jen Kearns

A great view to notice the embellishments
Jen's dogs hanging out in Sophie's Universe
Marja Heilig van Westen

Mary Beth Downer

Patricia Anne Pierce - I have posted her work previously on March 6 and April 3.

Butterfly-lace work on edge
Robin Davis Francis
Samantha Godkin - Samantha chose to use chunky yarn. At round 83, her Sophie is approximately seven feet across. Round 83 is Part 11 of 18.

Sandra Weekley Tilley

Sue Hutton

Susan Wilkes-Baker

I hope these projects have brought enjoyment. Comments are always appreciated.