Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beautiful Examples of Sophie's Universe, Part 2

Once again, I am very grateful to my fellow crochet-along group members for their generosity in sharing their photos of their projects in progress. Sophie's Universe was inspired by Sophie's Garden (see previous post), created by Dedri Uys of Look At What I Made.

Photo credit is owned by the person whose project is pictured.

Annaline Van Der Poel - Sophie's Garden blocks made into an afghan

Bea Ramaekers

Cathalijne Crochet

Denise Niemann

I love the puppy dog's eyes.
Diane Doyle - Baby afghan

Judy Marie

Julie Peirce

Karen Kohler Brinkmann

Katy Owens, Part 6

Laurie Chesnutt

Laurine Vieira

Leisa Marie Mounds

Liz McPeake

Maria Pierce

Melissa Hill-Powell Keep

Minette Strydom

Note the tag at the bottom of the picture
Pallavi Ashish - Just getting started

Rachelle Rice

Twenty photos were posted yesterday and another 20 today. Check back tomorrow for even more beautiful projects.

- Amelia