Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beautiful Examples of Sophie's Universe, Part 1

The Sophie's Universe Crochet-Along is currently at Week 13, Part 14 - Parts 1 and 2 were during the first week. I asked members of the Facebook group for permission to post pictures of where they are so I can share them here with you. I am still way behind, so I will hold off with sharing my own for now.

I find it fascinating all the different color choices and how it makes such a difference in the way it looks for the overall project. This is very obvious with the ladies who are working on more than one Sophie at a time. 

Photo credit is owned by the person whose project is pictured.

Angela Vitatoe

Ann Parker-Bondy, Part 10

Carla McDonald, Part 14

Dallas Window, Part 14

Dani Crafton, Part 8 started - unblocked

Donna Howell

Helen Shrimpton

Imene Kallel

Karen Haagensen Conkey

The next two chose almost identical colors and are at the same part, but the difference in yarn or hand (how loose or tight someone crochets) gives a different appearance in the project.

Kerry Park, Part 8

Louise Hubbard, Part 8

Malka Faye Katz-Wirch, near the beginning

Maria Alejandra Carrasquero Ordaz, Part 6

Melodie Marvin Stahl

Penny Bigger Vought, Part 6

Sandy Merschrod Aab, Part 12

Susan Fordham, Part 5

Toni Nicole

Victoria Reid

I want to thank these women for sharing their projects/talents with us. I appreciate their generosity. 

There are more to share tomorrow, so stay tuned.