Friday, March 27, 2015

Life Hacks - Uses for Hanging Shoe Organizer

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on uses for over-the-door shoe organizers. Today's post is about hanging shoe organizers.

Once again, shoe organizers are not just for organizing shoes. Bryn Alexandra Dunn uses shoe organizers from IKEA to organize her fabrics. Ms. Dunn is an interior designer; she has a lot of fabric, so she uses four organizers.
This organizer from Pottery Barn is similar to one I use.

I do put fabric in the cubes, but I use the pockets for patterns instead of shoes. The center cubes could also be used to stack sweaters in a closet, and the pockets could be used to store scarves.

On the blog, Hative, I found this idea for storing spare toilet paper rolls in a broom closet. it could also be used to store paper towels, boxes of sweeper pads, garbage bags, vacuum bags, and disposable dust cloth boxes.
As a yarn crafter, I think a hanging organizer could be used to store yarn. The spaces make it easy to sort colors.
I found the image below on Pinterest. It is a clever organizer for board games. When I tried to follow the link, the post is not available. I felt the idea was good enough to share, although it is without attribution.

I hope these ideas are useful to my readers. I know I am going to adopt the broom closet ideas.

- Amelia